Advice That You Must Listen Before Embarking On Internet

Understanding what their goals are asking some questions solo again you’re being consultative and you’re building a little bit of rapport along the way you want to make sure you show the problems with their current strategy and I’m going to give you the tools that you need in order to identify where there are issues so that you can show them exactly what you can bring tithe table then you’re going to demonstrate your ability to bridge the gap say you’re here this is where you want to go this is why you’re not there and here’s.

what we’re going to do in order to bridge that gap so in order to do that in order to be able to show them the issues with their current online marketing strategy you’re going to need to use some tools and I’m not seeing these are the only tools these are the tools that we’ve used and they’re pretty effective for us first is Google’s keyword research tool to help you figure out what the most commonly searched keywords are for your particular prospect merge words which then gives you the ability to take those keywords those keywords.

Embarking On InternetThen combine them easily with the cities that they operate in so that you can have a list their city plus this their city plus that their city plus this and have nice list of keywords ego modified for their area so that you can then take that and put into a ranking tool like bright local bright locals great for local businesses you can put in your list of about a hundred keywords depending upon what program.

You’re on it will hit Google and Yahoo and Doglegging local yahoo local Ring local and pull ranking reports it’s exactly where they rank on google for our all those search-engines for all of those different keywords which is a great way to say hey well these are the keywords that are important this is where your.

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